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Lady Blade, Lord Fighter #1 - The Silver Bracers

Silver Bracers Cover

The Silver Gleaming Company had been like a family to Lady Sofaltis, daughter of Duke Rilfe, for quite a few years without the duke knowing about it. The duke would have been horrified to discover that far from becoming some dainty court lady while living with her aunt, Sofaltis had become an expert swordswoman called a Blade, and a member of an elite fighting group called a Fist.

And then the duke's emissary came to escort Sofaltis home after the supposedly accidental death of her older brother. But once home Sofaltis learned her father had chosen a husband for her without her consent, a man named Kylin who seemed scarcely able to protect himself. Sofaltis was not about to go meekly along with such plans, especially not when she began to suspect that Kylin was a spy for the unknown enemy that was undermining the kingdom.

Yet unforeseen circumstances and a magical gift of the gods would soon force Sofaltis and Kylin to unite against the danger that threatened to destroy their entire world...

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