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Silken Dreams

Silken Dreams Cover

Satin Desires

Years before, in a distant, exotic land, Amanda Edmunds was enchanted by Jack Michaels - the enigmatic hero known as the Golden Devil. Amanda was a child then, but now she is a woman - returning to London to search for a vanished family friend ... and seeking help from the unforgettable adventurer who once captured her youthful heart.

Silken Dreams

An agent for the British Crown, Jack Michaels hides his true identity by posing as a vain and useless nobleman - a mask that could be easily stripped away by a meddling miss who knows his secret past. And though he resents the beautiful blackmailer's threats and seductions, he agrees to aid Amanda in her desperate hunt. For the determined lady's smoldering sensuality has enflamed Jack's passionate soul - and he burns to make her his.

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